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Numerous studies have proven that kids with dietary restrictions feel stigmatized and anxious in social situations when food is the focal point. It is important for children to adhere to their medically recommended diet while comfortably eating with their friends at school facilities and events.

JCB can give you the necessary tools to eliminate these stressors for this population. Our proactive approach in the academic venue can provide the gluten-free answers for your students.

The consulting services we deliver include:

We have listened to your needs and can help your school achieve the goal of a gluten-free, worry-free program.

The Golden Apple RuleTM

The Anti-Bullying Initiative for Children with Food Allergies

Core of The Golden Apple RuleTM

The Golden Apple Rule™ is our innovative initiative that gives members of your school community the skill set to interact with their fellow students who have a food allergy or dietary intolerance.

Given that one in 13 children have a food allergy or approximately two children in every classroom in the United States have a food allergy, these children suffer on a daily basis for feeling "different" and not included. The Golden Apple Rule™ is the solution to assisting these children and the school community in providing an environment that is "Inclusive, not Exclusive™."

Like that other golden rule, The Golden Apple Rule™ lets parents and members of the school community lead by example.

The Golden Apple RuleTM Seeds

Benefits of The Golden Apple RuleTM Program

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The Golden Apple Rule

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